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Terence Mckenna - The Proof - Shroom '96
« on: November 17, 2013, 08:10:42 PM »
Dear Members and Tourists,

Glad to welcome you to the Cognition Factor forum to view an important clip, a clip
which will confirm what I, and others, already knew, that Terence did sometimes
partake of the mushroom after '88.

The Internet is such a viral habitat that any rumor gets distorted over time, but I'm
hoping that Shroom '96, which is the intrinsic 'name' of the clip, will, with your help,
go forth and conquer the negativity that has arisen over this subject.

Watch the clip till the end, where Terence will give you an estimate of the dosage we took.

And when you're finished watching, you could buy Journey to Everywhere, the book
that tells it like you were there. Intro by Dennis Mckenna and the first few chapters free! 

I hope you'll register to comment below. Please bear with the timezones as ADMIN
is in South Africa.

Thanks again for viewing our stuff and spreading the word!




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