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Dennis has remained a co-conspirator since our sojourn together in a Spanish villa on the Costa del Sol during the filming of
Cognition Factor back in 2004. It's cool that our adventures have continued side by side and so I'm glad that I can finally advise
you that 'The Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss', the book which will illuminate Dennis's side of the Mckenna ethos, will be
available for purchase as an ebook from this site next week.
This email just in from Dennis refers;

From: Dennis Mckenna
ETA?  Very soon! Within 3 days.  We found a glitch in the ebook that has to be fixed. Not a huge one, but an important one. So
now we're looking at a release on Tuesday I'd say, maybe Monday. Once the ebook is finalized, the publishing company has to
post it and then turn the keys over to me. I've asked them to post it but I decide when to 'open' it, so we have some control
over that. Today Mitch and I will sit down and decide which sites to upload the video and copy to; yours is, of course, at the top
of the list (well, OK, close to the top of the list; Mitch's is first cause he's doing the dirty deed). Now my technical expertise
comes to an end. I think Mitch posts it somewhere so you can embed it in your site; or gives you code to do that.
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