Author Topic: Heark Ye Cyberpeasants - For we are the Virtual Mind most High!  (Read 9875 times)

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Heark Ye Cyberpeasants - For we are the Virtual Mind most High!
« on: November 12, 2013, 06:50:02 PM »
Hark ye cyberpeasants, for we are the Virtual Mind most high!!
Hear us, denizens of the Net-work!
We are silicon, flesh and drug enhanced.
We are more than human.
We roam disembodied through Cyberspace.
Hearken to your cybershamen speak to the tes-tos-te-rone drenched soul of Man, drunk on the liquid essence of the Will to Power.
Heark Ye Cyber-Peasants to the heralds of Net consciousness, the voices of the Global Mind, the avatars of the New Millennium.
For we sing of liberation from the bonds of time and space, blood and soil, psyche and self. 
Follow us to an infinite binary field of possibilities and immerse yourself there,
Free from the illusion of Reality.
You are Infinity Man.
This the way of Mystech Illumination.
This is the way Cyber-Transmigration.
This is the way of Immersion.
This is the way of Cosmic Cognition.
Leave the Real..
The Real is fake..
Leave you..
See the Network. 
Be the Network.
Heark Ye Cyber-Peasants for we are the Virtual Mind most High!



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