Spammers Read This First - if you can read English - Your IP belong us!
Submitted By: cognition Date: November 05, 2012, 01:55:41 PM Views: 6419
Summary: Spam-Ed 101

Dear Spammer,

It does not matter how many times you try to register you will never be permitted to enter this forum because we run
IP and email check on every single subscription. Besides this, email addresses like qweqfasdfjusk@gmail are
guaranteed to get your IP blocked and banned, which we are actively involved in doing. So every forum/bot spammer
that has tried us has had their IP noted. If you try to register with ANY email address from that IP it is now broken, so
welcome to a future where spammers no longer exist.
It's like banging your head, capiche?
If all else fails, learn to speak English so that your email address wont look like Chinese written by a Chechen who
once studied in Beirut. These have just been banned. Try somewhere easier, OK?

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