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Title: Dennis McKenna - New Theory of Neural Evolution
Post by: valisopticus on October 17, 2012, 10:40:09 PM
Dennis McKenna - A new theory of neural evolution. Part 1 of 8 (

DJ McKenna riffing about humanity's lost plant/human symbiosis and how it helped weave our sublime (or maybe not) neural architecture and initiated various chemical feedback loops...among other cosmic things...

This is part 1 of 8 videos (just click the name for the playlist, so that they run automatically)  

From the description:

Part 1 from a talk with David Ellenbogen posted on the psychedelic salon.

Dennis describes a new radical theory of how the brain evolved via a symbiotic relationship with plants, and our current state of species wide neural retardation. He has written the forward to the book Left In The Dark, by Tony Wright, that presents this theory in much greater detail. Its fucking mind blowing.

Original interview: ( (thanks Lorenzo!)

.pdf of the entire book, released by the author Tony Wright: (