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Title: The Transhuman agenda ramps up to the Cosmogenesis party!
Post by: Schwann on October 27, 2012, 12:14:36 PM

The Transhuman Agenda isn't something you can easily explain
but Terence gives it his best shot in Part 10/12 of TMOM2012,
the pre-penultimate release in this series.
Terence's views may be known, but this series will rock you
because it was shot on location at Rustlers Valley in South Africa,
a magical destination. For this reason the final movie in the series,
Part 12, will be screened in the same valley on the day.
21 December 2012.
We all know Terence enjoyed a good party. Why not join us?
Check this forum for more details on the Cosmogenesis party.

More details to come.. (