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Title: Journey to Everywhere - Released on Amazon KDP!
Post by: cognition on December 10, 2012, 09:55:46 AM

A Gonzo ebook: 'Journey to Everywhere' by Michael Kawitzky, aka Schwann, has just been released (12/12/12)
on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing detailing the ride leading up to the production of Cognition Factor.
Journey to Everywhere (JTE) is an autobiographical adventure by the Producer of Cognition Factor and TMOM2012,
featuring travels with Terence and Dennis Mckenna, Rupert Sheldrake, Alex Grey, Ralph Metzner Stan Krippner
and many other notables in the psychedelic community, plus some gonzoid adventures in Africa besides.
Read the introduction ( by Dennis Mckenna, who features prominently in Journey to Everywhere,
along with brother Terence.
Released: 12/12/12
Get it on Kindle here!  (
The coolest eschaton gift!