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TMOM2012 6/12 - "Keep the Faith!"

Schwann 2 Posts 2 Karma
Schwann posted this 29 June 2012

We're halfway there with release 6, so grok the upbeat as we continue our adventure into the interesting life and ruminations of Terence Mckenna, who once coined the phrase; "Find the others", which we take very seriously, so listen out for the signal we've broadcast, an APB to your pineal informing you of what has to be done in order for us to have fun and survive as a species.

The entire audio track is once again (Thanks to Cybershaman Ernie Vega) encoded with Structured Silence. There is nothing else like this series out there.

Big ups to the Headspace crew for another successfull bomb-run!

Please support our efforts by visiting this site as often as you can because everything is released here first.
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We very much appreciate ALL of you!

k_cycloid 1 Posts 1 Karma
k_cycloid posted this 30 June 2012

These have all been amazing, many many thanks.  Loved the audio track on this one, all seemed woven together between music and voice, excellent.  

Can't wait to watch all these back to back at the end of the year.

Thanks to all involved, this is great work.