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Alex Grey (born November 29, 1953 in Columbus, Ohio) is an artist specializing in spiritual and psychedelic art (or visionary art) that is sometimes associated with the New Age movement. His oeuvre spans a variety of forms including performance art, installation art, sculpture, and most significantly, painting. Grey is a member of the Integral Institute. He is also on the board of advisors for the Center for Cognitive Liberty and Ethics. Alex is the Chair of Wisdom University’s Sacred Art Department. Alex and Allyson Grey are the co-founders of the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, aka CoSM, a not for profit institution supporting Visionary Culture in New York City.

 Alex Grey was an instructor in Artistic Anatomy and Figure Sculpture for ten years at New York University, and now teaches courses in Visionary Art with Allyson at The Open Center in New York City, Naropa Institute in Boulder, Colorado, the California Institute of Integral Studies and Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York.

The Discovery Channel included Grey in a feature on art and creativity in altered states. The Viking Youth Power Hour interviewed Alex & Allyson Grey about the role of sacred art, the holy shenanigans of Burning Man, and the development of his process. CoSM: The Movie is the first feature length documentary film based on Alex Grey and is a cinematic journey through his New York gallery, the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors. Directed by Nick Krasnic and available now on DVD through Docurama home video.

In Variable Star, a science fiction novel written by Spider Robinson based on a story outline by Robert A. Heinlein, Robinson devotes several pages to his protagonist’s discovery of Grey’s Sacred Mirrors and Progress of the Soul series, and to using them to enhance meditation.

Alex lives in New York City with his wife, the painter, Allyson Grey and their daughter, the actress, Zena Grey.

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