Welcome to Cognitive cinema. We're very excited that you'll soon experience our latest efforts in unpacking the Mckenna mojo into 2013, plus other unreleased interviews from illuminatae like Dennis Mckenna and Dr. Albert Hofmann, featured below. Nov -2013

Enjoy the shows!

Journey to Everywhere

If you haven't read the JTE book, which explains and entertains, you can see some of the journey in the clips on this page, featuring unique footage of Dennis Mckenna, Dr. Albert Hofmann and other Brothers of the Screaming Abyss, as seen through my lense.


The Khanyisa Psychoactive Plant Conference

In October 2013 a conference on psychoactive plants and their use was held at the University of the Witwatersrand. This page link will be activated when we 'process' the speakers. The Journey continues!



Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss [BOTSA]

Dennis Mckenna

BOTSA-1 "Climbing the Vine" - Chapter 46

BOTSA-2 "Gnostic Guru" - The perfect incantation for our quixotic quest - DJM

The Terence Mckenna OmniBus Series

Screen 1 "Who am I?" - 1/12 - Your trip into the mind of Mckenna begins.

Screen 2 "Who are they?" - 2/12 - Terence Mckenna connects the dots to illuminate 'them'.

Screen 3 "Who are we?" 3/12 - The 99% get represented.

Screen 4 "History lesson" - 4/12 - Trip through time with Terence.

Screen 5 "The Topography of Arousal" - 5/12 - Sex and psilocibin.

Screen 6 "Keep the Faith!" - 6/12 - Get the signal and find the others!

Screen 7 "The Vaudevillian Impulse" - 7/12 - It's showtime folks!

Screen 8 "Totality Symbol" - 8/12 - Make your own!

Screen 9 "The More Perfect Logos" - 9/12 - Telepathea in D.

Screen 10 "The Transhuman Agenda" - 10/12 - No one is in control!

Screen 11 "Conspiracy Theory" - 11/12 - People are not like cameras!

Screen 12 "We are the Eschaton!" - 12/12 - A Shaman is one who sees the end.

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