Terence Kemp Mckenna

Sooner or later, anyone who examines the outward-bound edges of networked culture is bound to encounter the unique consciousness of Terence Mckenna. Ethnobotanist, explorer, inventor of Novelty Theory, progenitor of the Mayan 2012 mythos and discoverer of machine elves.

Terence has authored several books, including Food of the Gods, True Hallucinations, and The Archaic Revival. He is noted in Peter Stafford’s, Psychedelics Encyclopedia, for “a landmark examination of the role of plants in human history”.

Terence: “Our zeitgeist may be creative dreaming in the presence of technology, a place haunted by genies which wrap us in the blanket of their mysterium and lead us forward. Alchemy by another name

Avowing the positive value of psychedelic plants for decades, it was thus something of a shock for the psychedelic community, who’d only just lost Timothy Leary, to lose Terence Mckenna to a brain tumor on April 3, 2000.

I became friendly with Terence during the cyberpunk revolution of the ’90’s and hung out with him during his visit to South Africa in ‘96, and also at his home on Big Island, Hawaii, during the AllChemicals Conference to see him off in 1999.

Amazing that it's already 2012 and I'm around to write this, but if you're into the written word, I've just completed an autobiographical adventure novel detailing my adventures with Terence and Dennis Mckenna titled; "Journey to Everywhere", in which the full story will be told.

If you're reading this I suggest you move on to our forum, where the Mckenna ethos is still very much alive, what with Dennis being an active co-conspirator. His book, "The Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss" will already have been published and you can find out all about that on the forum too.

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