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It has always been a dream of mine to be involved in a movie that raises consciousness. That dream came true when i answered an ad online - and that's how I met Mike Kawitzky.
To be able to visualize anything and re-create it in a photo realistic medium is the ultimate artform for me. I began my spiritual journey about 15 years ago and found many like-minded souls in the trance community. There is nothing quite like watching the sun rise over the dancefloor at an outdoor stomp...mountains, rivers trees and stars and lotsa love! It's magical.
Born in 1967, in Scotland. Emigrated to South Africa in the 80's and fell deeply in love with Cape Town. It's a great place to express yourself, and expression is what i'm all about. I'm a creative type. I love all forms of art, and spend most of my time creating 3d animation and music. I evolved from watercolours, oils and pastels to the digital format and love what the computor evolution has done for our collective consciousness.
To work on a movie that starred many of my influences through-out my life, was mind blowing. And I made a life-long friend in the bargain. Now that Cognition Factor is finished, I'm hoping for the next one!
Jack (The Machine) Gallagher

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