Mike Aldridge

What does it mean to be alive and human at this crucial juncture of human history, the first years of the 21st Century, the edge of the future, a time of accellerating change. Cognition Factor is a search for enlightenment in the digital age.

This is a ground-breaking movie about a cyberpunk's search for enlightenment. The viewer is taken through virtual worlds in search of answers to the "Big Five" questions relating to the human experience.

Cognition Factor will delight those who liked the ideas of "What the bleep" and "The Secret", but were irritated by the slow pace. Cognition Factor uses a barrage of information packed in CGI packets to blast a stream of information which will disrupt your synapses.

The movie is directed by cybershaman and video artist Michael Kawitzy. Cognition Factor was inspired by visionary ethnopharmacologist Terrence McKenna and his ethobotanist brother, Dennis, who feature in the film. Kawitzky is an iconoclast director who is even more gonzo than Michael Moore, and in Cognition Factor he builds a multi-dimensional communications construct to probe the key issues of our age.

Where have we come from, and where are we going? To gain insight into the big five questions about the evolution of human consciousness, Cognition Factor questions the planet's leading thinkers.

Mike Aldridge

June 2008

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