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Time Wave Nearly Zero
« on: December 25, 2012, 01:41:10 AM »
Time Wave Nearly Zero

            It was recently reported in the American
Journal of Primatology that a monkey species, once believed to have been
extinct, was recently spotted in the Indonesian jungle by a camera trap.
Scientists were 'surprised', not only because it was extinct, but because the 'Miller?s
grizzled langur' was 'captured' well outside the areas it was once known to
roam. This all happened on the Eastern tip of Borneo Island. Another
re-emergence of a formerly extinct species, no less than Darwin's tortoise, has
been discovered on The Galapagos Islands, a far flung landmass off the West
coast of Chile.   Although it may seem
surprising that an "extinct" animal can be found, new data confirms
that species are still being discovered, even amongst primates. Since 1990,
scientists have run into 93 previously unknown species of primates, more than
half from Madagascar.

            Think Sumer, Ur, Caldea, Egypt, Greece
and Rome and know we're next on the list, unless the radiation gets to us first
because across the Northern hemisphere the toxic zone is spreading. I'm about as
far South as you can get, living in Cape Town, South Africa, but it still gives
me chills thinking about Fukushima. Eventually, there will be nowhere to run.

            Back to the future?

            With Darwin's tortoises reappearing,
alongside reports of 'time-control' laboratories, where experiments of dubious
nature are doubtlessly taking place, it's only a matter of time before Neanderthals
move in next door. Do things ever get weird enough for you?

            I listened to Webbot's Clif High on
Red Ice Radio on YouTube
and wondered
whether meditation is going to be enough. According to Clif, something will break
on 10th June, probably reactor 4 of Fukushima, or another 'man-made' tsunami.

            Man-made tsunami?

            He didn't say, but he I know he is
concerned that the increasingly radiated North will become partly uninhabitable
within our lifetime because his personal geiger counter, get
one here on EBAY folks
, shows a huge increase in radiation at his
undisclosed location, somewhere on the West coast of Canada or America. Of
course we all thought that an atmosphere-sweep by friendly aliens was a good
plot, but Clif thinks big and envisages time-bubbles, like Russian dolls,
wrapping the Fukushima reactors for all of eternity.

            R.I.P. Ray Bradbury.

            No worries mate, time control is
with us because Dr.David
Lewis Anderson
, chief whistleblower of the time controlling scientists has reassuringly
reappeared after an eight year 'break', when not even Clif High's bots could
find him. Bump up to third generation timewarp-field-generators  and grok that they're talking about being able
to effect a 300% change in time, forwards or backwards. Dr. Anderson went dark for
eight years, supposedly because of a parting between himself and 'the military'.

            Who else?

            Meantime, why not join the Cybershaman Tribe, because programmer
Ernie Vega is embedding signatures in solid state matter, so hang on to your
head because new states of mind are being coded, and not a moment too

            Excuse me, my time-control generator is

            Schwann Cybershaman

            8th June 2012

Source: Time Wave Nearly Zero



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