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Introducing TMOM2012 7/12 - "The Vaudevillian Impulse"

The net has been buzzing about the revelations to be found in Dennis's new book; 'The Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss', to be published in the next few months, so we've released this disclaimer edition in cartoon format to illustrate the fact that Terence was neither a Saint nor a cultist with an evil agenda. He was just an extremely entertaining and thought provoking individual. A 'smart person', if you will. The series continues to explore unseen and unheard parts of his rap. 

This webisode is dedicated to the legendary Robert (Bob) Venosa, get to his site here, who passed away last year. Bob was one of the world's leading proponents of psychedelic art, having studied and worked under Salvador Dali.

"He was a good friend of Terence Mckenna. He stayed with me in Spain for 10 days, with his wife Martina Hoffmann, back in 2004. They met Dennis and we had some fun" - The Producer.

The rest of the series.

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